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STP Scheme

Application Form for Setting up unit under STPI

Checklist for New Registration / Renewal

Format for Auditor's Certificate

FE Inflow / FIRC Statement format

General STP Formats

Softex Form

Checklist for Softex Form Submission (STP / Non STP Units)

Country Codes

Currency Codes

RBI Codes for Type of Software Exported

RBI Codes for Mode of Realisation

Change of Company name

Change of location

STP/EHTP Import Formats

Application for Import certificate

Self Declaration Form - Scond Hand Goods

Chartered Engineer's Certificate - Format

Report Forms

STP Monthly Report Form

STP Quarterly Report Form (QPR)

STP Annual Report Form (APR)

EHTP Quarterly Report Form

EHTP Annual Report Form

Forms for Use by Non-STP Units

Guidelines for the Non-STP Member Registration

Checklist for Non-STP Member REgistration

Application for Non-STP Member Registration

Specimen presentation for Non-STP Units

Post Registration of Non-STP Units(contracts registration, QPR, APR etc.)

FAQs for Non-STP Units

CG Enhancement

Application for Enhancement of CG Limit

Checklist for Enhancement of CG Limit


Format for obtaining Approval for DTA Sales Entitlement by STP Units

Application For DTA Sale Permission

EHTP Scheme

Application Form for Setting up Unit under EHTP

Procedure for Exit from STP /EHTP Scheme

Procedure for Exit from STP /EHTP Scheme

Form XXI


Format of Legal Undertaking for Exit

Check List for EXIT - STP/EHTP

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