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Are you finding it difficult to access/navigate through the content/pages of this Portal? This section attempts to help you have a pleasant experience while browsing this Portal..

Sections of this Portal

Sections of this site are Top Menu & Side Menu.

The Top Menu sections describes about our organisation, the services offered, Informations and registered unit details.

The Side Menu section provides information about Headquarters, National Centers, News, Director's message etc.

Promotional Banners

Promotional banners flashed on the Portal are need to be of the following characteristics: File format: GIF, JPEG, PNG or SWF File format: GIF, JPEG, PNG or SWF

Viewing Information in Various File Formats

Plug-in for alternate document types
Portable Document Format (PDF) files
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Word files
  • Word Viewer
  • Excel files
  • Excel Viewer 2003
  • Flash content
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Changing the size of the text refers to making the text appearing smaller or bigger from its standard size. There are two options provided to you to set the size of the text that affects the readability. These are:

    • Large: Displays information in the large font size.
    • Small: Displays information in the small font size.
    • Please reload the page to get the the default font size.

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